CloudApper No-Code Platform for Healthcare Solutions

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Healthcare has been transformed by the rise of new technologies. Things will continue to be changed and improved until patients can receive the best treatment possible while using the least resources. The use of mobile technology in healthcare is one such example of this, as specialized mobile apps and software are developed to assist the healthcare industry. 

About CloudApper 

CloudApper is a no-code platform that empowers organizations to work from their mobile devices. It enables customers to affordably consolidate all of their daily operations under a single mobile app, giving employees instant access to everything they need to drive success. With CloudApper, employees can be more productive by performing all of their tasks from their phonesimproving responsiveness, saving time, and accelerating return on investment (ROI). Let’s look into some of the top applications CloudApper offers healthcare providers. 

ERM Data Management

Electronic Record Management (ERM) allows for the digitization of a patient’s paper chart. EMRs are patient-centered, real-time records that make data available to authorized users quickly and securely. An ERM/EHR system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office and can include a larger view of a patient’s care. Allowing healthcare professionals to accurately identify patients and retrieve data efficiently from the EHR/EMR system will improve the quality of care. The CloudApper ERM connection can be used to scan patient biometrics to register/identify patients and access their demographic data. Epic, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, and Allscripts can be smoothly integrated with the app to log and retrieve patient data.

CloudApper Rounding 

CloudApper Rounding is a cutting-edge hospital rounding app. It gives doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals checklists and task lists to improve patient satisfaction and provide the safest healthcare experience possible. Clinicians can easily use their mobile devices to gather and access patient preference information and notes. It also sends out reminders for scheduled rounds, allowing nurses to complete them directly from their mobile devices, increasing productivity.

Incident Management

CloudApper Incidences is an incident reporting tool for healthcare systems that prevent medical errors and accidents caused by unreported incidents, saving millions of dollars. The app, which manages observations, incidents, accidents, audits, and inspections, is highly customizable and user-friendly. The program ensures quick investigation and reporting through sophisticated SLA (Service Level Agreement) and escalation tools.


The HIPAA Ready app is a modern, cost-efficient, and effective method to simplify HIPAA compliance. This powerful solution streamlines the HIPAA compliance management process by administering digital assignments, meetings, issues, and training information. Authorized workers can simply find HIPAA regulations, arrange training, track updates, and generate checklists, all from a single HIPAA compliance software that makes things easier than ever through CloudApper’s no-code platform. 


CloudApper CliniCheck is a robust web and mobile application that enables healthcare facilities to improve their readiness in the face of challenges such as the COVID-19 outbreak. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “clinicians and hospital administrators must ensure that relevant generic priority action is initiated during an outbreak, a pandemic, or any other emergency or disaster.” CliniCheck is a lightweight solution that enables frontline staff to work more efficiently during this vital emergency moment.

How CloudApper Can Empower Healthcare

CloudApper ensures that employees across the entire organization are kept in sync with instant access to centralized data, which can be a valuable asset during any emergency. CloudApper also reduces risks with standardized apps, automates healthcare operations, and speeds up tasks to improve efficiency and the patient experience. It helps to replace manual, paper-based systems with automated web and mobile apps to centralize data and reduce unnecessary overhead costs.


The CloudApper platform makes it affordable and straightforward to deliver customized business automation apps for employee use. Apps within your CloudApper environment can also integrate with your EHR/EMR, ERP, HCM, legacy, and other enterprise systems so employees can easily access and update data right from their mobile devices – contact us now to learn more.

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