CloudApper vs Mendix: A Business Application Builder Comparison


Whether you are operating a large multinational company or a small start-up. The chances are, that you require some applications to help with your business processes.

While several vendors provide the software needed to address many of your business needs, all businesses are unique and face unique challenges. Whether it is due to region, the sector they operate within. In these situations companies have three options: They can outsource to an app development company, assign the project to their in-house IT and development department, or use an application development platform that utilizes either a no-code or low-code system.

Outsourcing your application development will result in an application being created that fulfills your businesses requirements. However, this option is costly and not suitable for many small and medium enterprises.

An IT department will be able to create the application as well. However, the cost is still an issue. Also an over-reliance on your IT employees can hinder the productivity of employees and the efficiency of the application. This is part of the reason why no-code and low-code applications are increasing in popularity.

No-code and low code applications use a graphical interface. This assists users in creating applications without having to write any code. The benefit of this drag and drop application development system is that it provides users with the ability to create and deliver applications in less time. This is because users are not required to write a single line of code nor do they require experience with developing applications. Making the platform accessible to many users while reducing the reliance users have on an IT department. As is often the case when employees are utilizing a new software solution.

While low-code systems possess many of the same benefits, they also provide users with the ability to write in their code. Making these platforms extremely useful for users with a background in application development. 

With an understanding of what a no-code and low-code platform is, we will be able to review two vendors within the industry. We will also compare them based on a set of key considerations that customers will look at when selecting a platform. 

The two platforms that will be compared are CloudApper and Mendix.


CloudApper is a no-code enterprise mobile application platform. With CloudApper, users easily create the applications they require to digitize and streamline the tedious processes that require a lot of time within their business. CloudApper also provides several pre-built applications such as a sales agents monitoring application, and a facility management application, all built by the platform.


Mendix is a low-code application development platform. The platform enables users to create their applications through the visual development process and AI-assisted development. While Mendix is a low-code platform, the solution also provides no-code capabilities so that non-technical users can effortlessly create applications.

Key Considerations

With an understanding of the two development platforms, we can now look at the often overlooked considerations that should be considered. We can then come to a conclusion around which solution would be suitable for your company’s needs.


A common issue with many no-code development applications is that they are too advanced for users with no technical knowledge. Ideally, your company should look for a no-code development platform that uses a graphical interface to assist users in creating their applications. 

Both CloudApper and Mendix employ a drag and drop system for their development needs. This means that users can easily develop their application simply by piecing together the modules that will make up the layout and processes of their application.


Being able to easily create an application is a good starting point. But what happens when you want to customize your application? Finding an application development tool that simplifies the process of editing your application at different points during and after the creation process is vital. 

CloudApper lets users access and update their application at any point. This ensures that their application can be continually optimized for the company’s needs. 

Mendix also understands that as your business and needs grow, so must your application. That is why they provide the user with the ability to expand, update, and customize their applications when needed.


A great way to understand the capabilities of your vendor is to look at what applications have been developed on the platform. This provides insight into the platform’s capabilities as well as giving users a foundation for their applications. For example, a customer may require a computerized maintenance management system for their company. However, the system must also be able to manage and maintain its warehousing facility.

CloudApper provides several pre-built applications from sales agent monitoring applications to facility management solutions. These platforms cover many business processes and allow companies to use them as the foundation for their business application if necessary. 

Mendix also provides applications tailored to many different sectors and businesses. From a logistics tracking application to plan equipment maintenance and project management.


Creating an application can be easy with a no-code development tool. However, there is still the challenge of implementing the solution. A challenge most companies face when implementing a new application is replacing a legacy system. In doing so, transferring data also can be a challenge. There are also cases where a legacy application may remain in place and your newly built application will complement the platform and increase efficiency. After all, applications rarely work alone. 

CloudApper applications integrate with many systems such as legacy systems like SAP and industry-specific systems such as Wialon. This means that whatever application you create, there is a wide variety of integration options available. 

Mendix also provides an array of integration options. From database integration to web service integration. Ensuring your application seamlessly fits into your business.


A no-code development application may cover all the areas you want it to. However, if it is not affordable then it is not an option. Cost is a crucial factor and while not often overlooked, like certain points within this list, it is crucial to note. 

CloudApper uses a subscription-based payment method that provides users access to the platform for $10 per user per month. With this fee, a user can gain access to the platform as well as CloudApper’s existing software solutions. 

Mendix has a few pricing packages available, including a free, basic, standard, and premium option.


Features CloudApper Mendix
Customization Customizable Customizable
Templates Yes, templates are provided. Yes, templates are provided.
Integration Yes, integration options available. Yes, integration options available.
Cost $10 per user per month. Several pricing packages available.


No-code platforms can be highly beneficial for your company. They provide users without a technical background the ability to create applications. With CloudApper and Mendix covering many of the aspects needed by the no-code development platform, the customer’s choice comes down to their preference. To learn more, contact us today to make a more informed decision.

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