CloudApper vs Retool: The low-code platform for your company


The current business landscape is dynamic and fast-paced. Businesses are required to act even faster to capitalize on opportunities available. This is one of the many reasons why no-code and low-code platforms are increasing in popularity.

No-code and low-code platforms empower employees. These platforms require little to no coding and development knowledge, meaning that they provide several benefits. 

For example, an employee may have an idea for an application but lack the knowledge and background to create an application. With a no-code application, anybody can action their idea, and create an application.  

Low-code platforms also provide several benefits and uses. If an employee does have a coding background and is required to create an application, they will be able to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to develop and deliver an application. Unlike traditional development processes that require developers to write many lines of code, low code platforms use a graphical interface alongside a drag and drop creation system, making users far more efficient at developing applications and meeting their deadlines. 

With an understanding of the benefits of no-code and low-code, development platforms we will unpack two that should be on your company’s radar – CloudApper and Retool. 

We will also discuss what businesses should look for when selecting a development solution by comparing specific aspects of the two systems. 


CloudApper is a no-code mobile application platform, which believes that mobile devices, such as smartphones, can be leveraged further. The platform also aims to enable users to easily create applications. The applications can be used both on computers and smartphones. 

CloudApper provides users with the opportunity to easily create applications through the drag and drop and graphical interface. With CloudApper, no coding experience is necessary, as users can create their applications without writing a single line of code.


Retool is a low-code development platform. It is used for creating internal tools to digitize and streamline operations, increasing efficiency in the process. Much like many low-code development solutions, Retool uses a drag and drop app development method. However, the difference is that users can also include their unique code, making this system useful for employees with some coding background. 

With context provided on both CloudApper and Retool, we will now look at some of the key factors that should be considered when choosing between a no-code and low-code development platform for your company.


Cost management is a crucial factor that must be considered when selecting a new solution to implement within your company. While a system may look inexpensive to initially implement, there may be several hidden fees such as licensing costs and an annual renewal fee. Avoiding any unnecessary costs while selecting your development solution will save your company a lot of money and effort in the long run. 

CloudApper has a basic subscription fee. For $10 per user per month, your employees can gain access to the platform to create their applications. Unlike many development platforms, CloudApper does not require a minimum number of users for the price to be $10. 

Retool provides a free license that provides users access to five modules as well as the ability to edit applications and connect to many databases. For further features and functions, users can get the start-up license which is $10 per user per month, or the pro license of $50 per user per month.

Ease of Use

The aim of no-code and low-code platforms is that they should make the process of creating applications accessible to all users. The problem with many no-code software development platforms is that they are too advanced. The learning curve may be too steep and this leads to many employees no longer using the platform. No-code and low-code platforms must strike a balance between ease of use and complexity. 

Both CloudApper and Retool use a drag and drop method of creating applications. However, Retool also provides users with the option to insert their written code. While this is an extremely useful feature it may be a step too far for some users.


If your company chooses to implement a new system, you expect that system to operate for a significant amount of time. There is a considerable amount of effort that goes into planning, selecting, and implementing a new software solution. It is for this reason that the chosen development platform should grow with your company. Often, if a system is not scalable, it can become a hindrance to users, as it restricts the usability of the platform for a growing company. 

CloudApper does not limit the number of user licenses a company can have. This ensures that the platform is scalable for your business and user needs. By simply purchasing another user license, employers can scale up the solution to suit their business’s needs. 

Retool also does not require a minimum number of users to implement the low-code system. ReTool also provides users with the ability to scale up the solution and the accessibility of the platform through one of their licensing plans.


While low-code and no-code systems are simple to use, the implementation of any new solution within your company requires support from the vendor. Support can come in the form of live training sessions, help guides, forums, or a dedicated helpline. These different platforms support customers in realizing the true value of a solution and allow the customers to fully benefit from the platform. 

CloudApper provides support in the form of a skilled team of customer success analysts. With white-glove service, these analysts assist customers with demonstrations and video guides. Ensuring that customers gain the support they need to create applications successfully.

Retool also provides vendor support options in the form of a forum for customers to ask questions and share information.


Feature CloudApper ReTool
Cost $10 per user per month $10 per user per month. $50 per user per month for the Pro license
Usability Drag and drop method with no coding required Drag and drop method with the ability to input written code
Scalability Unlimited number of users Unlimited (Licensing plan dependent)
Support Customer support provided Customer support provided


Low-code and no-code platforms, such as CloudApper and Retool, provide several benefits for a company. By taking into consideration the above aspects, you will be able to select a solution that will help you create applications effortlessly. With many employees new to the world of no-code application development, a system such as CloudApper that does not require any coding may be the most suitable solution for you. In order to learn more, you can contact us here.

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