How to Solve Your Business’s IT Dependency Problem

Digitization and innovation are increasing in importance. Especially among businesses looking to gain an advantage in the ultra-competitive modern business environment. As businesses continue to seek innovation through digitization there is a trap many fall into. It is the trap of dependency, specifically on an IT department or employee.

What is IT dependency and is it a problem?

Dependency within a business refers to anything that the business depends on to operate. In the case of IT dependency, this means that the business requires some form of IT support. Either from a department or individual employee, to execute business operations.

Based on this description, we can begin to understand why an IT dependency can pose a problem in your business. Other issues companies can face due to IT dependency include the following:

Loss of control over your business processes

The problem with a dependency on a certain department is the loss of control by other departments. Especially if your sales department requires your IT department’s assistance when concluding a deal. The lack of control felt by other departments hinders efficiency and also leads to increased frustration felt by employees.

A reduction in department synergy

Ensuring department synergy is a complex task. Often companies experience challenges when trying to ensure a positive productive dynamic among departments. With an increased reliance on your IT department, your business’s other departments, such as sales or accounting will feel a sense of frustration. Especially as they constantly require IT employees to assist them to complete their responsibilities. The IT department in turn will also feel frustrated as they will be overworked and have less time to do their tasks. All departments should be empowered to complete their own tasks.

Financial risks

Increased dependency on your IT department can pose several financial risks. A dependency on IT employees and infrastructure will have to be taken into account when taking on new projects. If your IT department cannot accommodate these new projects, your company may not be able to complete the task. Losing out on funds in the process.

The risk of a shutdown

No matter the industry, the risk of a shutdown is always considered bad news. With an overreliance on specific employees such as your IT department, the possibility of this issue increases. For example, if a specific employee is responsible for a specific process and they leave the company, operations could be stopped for a prolonged period.

Solution for IT dependency

Now that we have an understanding of IT dependency and the risks associated with this issue, we can now begin to look at a solution, specifically a no-code platform. 

What is a no-code platform and how does it solve IT dependency in businesses? A no-code platform is a development system that allows users to build applications that can be operated on computers, or mobile devices. Unlike other development platforms that require users to have certain skills, experience, and knowledge in IT development, this is not the case with a no-code platform such as CloudApper.  

Benefits of a no-code platform

Increased empowerment and control

CloudApper uses a drag and drop method of creating applications, and with its graphical interface, in just a few simple steps anybody can create applications with a no-code platform, not just IT employees. 

Now that any employee has the ability to create, manage and operate applications employees no longer have to rely on a specific employee or department for assistance. All employees are now empowered and in control.

Increased synergy

Rather than having to rely on other departments and employees to execute activities, with CloudApper’s no-code platform employees can easily create and conduct tasks on the application. It is also important to note that the applications can be integrated with existing legacy systems within your business for increased synergy among other departments and the systems they operate on.

Reduced financial risks

Passing up on opportunities and losing out on revenue is no longer a problem with a no-code platform. CloudApper easily scales up as your company grows, and at $10 per user per month, it is a cost-effective option that grows with your company.

Reduced risk of system shutdowns

As any employee can manage your business system, the possibility of a shutdown due to operating system issues is now greatly reduced. This ensures continued efficiency and operations.


IT dependency can be a hindrance in many companies. However, by implementing a suitable system to empower your employees, such as a no-code platform, your company can be assured that all departments can continue to complete their tasks on time, and dependencies are reduced in the process. With this in mind, contact us today!

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