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Every business leader recalls a time when an unavoidable realization happened amid the COVID-19 crisis: “This is true, this is happening and we have to take steps to prepare ourselves for it.” For many of us, this awareness has arrived at a late stage; others were getting prepared before the first wave landed. It was not easy to force your organization to take the remote working approach, but it was the correct one.

Instead of affecting short-term planning, you can see this has turned into a marathon, and it is crucial for you to determine the outcome in the early sections of this race. Surviving this pandemic doesn’t mean just maintaining the status quo and maintaining your current position. Be imaginative and take the actions that will make a big difference after the crisis is over.

Stay Afloat

Optimization, transformation, and restructuring can happen later, presently you have to deal with more important issues. Focus your actions to ensure that you still have a business to return to. Balance your books, ensuring that your employees are looked after and, above all, try and stay afloat!

Cut the Non-Essentials

This duty is entirely up to the CIOs and CTOs. There is certainly a complete list of additional costs beyond normal operating hours that are highlighted as vital maintainable resources. The main difference here is whether these costs can be guaranteed or not. A computer, for example, is crucial for your work. A coffee machine at the office is often necessary to make the workspace more comfortable, however, it is not required.

Evaluate whether your business will endure, or will it crumble like a bridge built of balsa wood without this item? You may realize that you are unwilling to strike certain things from your budget. Yeah, that sucks. But losing your business to unnecessary spending sucks more.

Reshape IT Priorities

Let us start with the assumption that after all this is over, the percentage of your remote workforce will have increased. The viability and practicality that remote working provides were demonstrated globally. It doesn’t make sense to stop working remotely now that we all have experienced the many benefits it has to offer both employees and companies. How will it affect your firm, your business objectives, your assets, and your infrastructure?

Remote work is highly effective for productivity, cost-effective, and compassionate. Do we really need a lot of staff to return to the home office once the pandemic is over? The dependence on a central hub for organized activity belongs in the past. Office space is vital, definitely, but not as critical as we previously thought. Do our priorities need to be shifted?

Innovate Smartly

While aligning IT to business objectives, you must remain innovative. In any random direction, blind innovation has diminishing returns. Innovation as a process must follow growth and business objectives in order to help the organization move forward. Concentrating on the company’s results leaves less opportunity for uncertainty and reduces the risk of investment flowing to non-urgent matters.

We advocate that a framework should be used to analyze all innovation projects across a variety of crucial aspects like business effect, risk, and the required investment amount.

Choose the Right Partner

Identify your business-critical digital transformation initiatives that cannot be discontinued. These are the basic standards with which your potential vendors can measure your services. At CloudApper we offer unique and competent services as a digital transformation partner, offering a highly customizable platform at an exceptionally affordable price of $10 per user/month. As you are getting started with your digital transformation project we can advise you about how many options you need.

After we’ve done a little research and have had some in-depth conversations, we will be sure that we can meet your current needs and continue to develop alongside you. We think that a proper structure and communication are necessary for large-scale decisions, which is why all of our digital transformation applications can share data. We will recommend only those solutions that are essential and safe for your business because we are prepared to take you onboard for the long term.


Survival means making sure that the business you’ve built is taken care of which is best done as a team. At this moment, you must ensure that your assets are protected while your business may be experiencing a lull in orders and production. Meanwhile, you have to take all the required steps to reinvigorate your business and adjust to the new normal.

While these rules need to be adapted to fit your business, CloudApper applications are indeed one of the most economical ways to get your digital transformation journey started.

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