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CloudApper: The All-in-One Solution for Your Business’s Digitalization Needs

As companies begin a new year, following a highly volatile period, many are looking to bounce back and make up for lost ground. This usually occurs with companies reviewing and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Companies consistently look to progress is internally, specifically by reviewing and refining business processes. 

This can occur in several ways. For example, they may streamline business processes or cut out unnecessary intermediaries. Another way in which companies look to improve is by embracing digitalization.

What Is Digitalization?

If you are unfamiliar with digitalization, here is a brief overview. Digitalization refers to leveraging technology such as cloud-based software to enhance business processes. This will, in turn, bring in new business opportunities and increased revenue. 

An example of digitalization is allowing prospective customers to inspect and purchase your goods digitally. This process will increase business opportunities by bringing in new customers and increasing revenue through digital sales platforms.

Using CloudApper for Your Business Digitalization Needs

Digitization is the process of creating digital information, for example, uploading a spreadsheet to a centralized cloud-based database. Digitalization is leveraging a digital system to use this information efficiently. 

CloudApper is a mobile ERP system that provides companies with the ability to create unique mobile applications. CloudApper also provides several pre-built business solutions to enhance many of your business’s current processes digitally — everything from facility management to fleet management and customer relationship management

If you cannot find the system you are looking for to supplement your business processes, you can make it digital with CloudApper’s no-code platform. CloudApper provides all the solutions you need or want to build to digitize business processes within your company.

What Are the Benefits of Digitalization?

It helps to understand digitalization and have a suggestion about which system can help you achieve it. These two pieces of information teach us why so many companies are embracing this system of operating. However, to further reinforce this, we will look at some of the benefits of digitalization that CloudApper offers.

Increased Efficiency

A key reason so many companies adopt a digital approach is its increased efficiency. While you may say this has been the case in several large companies, it is now being done in small and medium enterprises as well. 

Digitizing business processes like tending to customers is now being done with a CRM, and maintaining a business’s facilities is now much easier thanks to a computer-aided facility management system. These systems streamline processes such as assigning work orders or scheduling appointments, making employees more efficient.

Increased Accessibility 

The benefit of a digital business process that many employees most appreciate is accessibility. Whether your company uses a web-based or mobile ERP such as CloudApper, accessibility is a major benefit. Instead of sifting through several files or logbooks, your employees now have a digital platform they can access at any point from any location. 

Once online and logged onto the platform, information is easily accessed, uploaded, or downloaded, making your employees’ jobs easier and empowering them with the information they need to execute tasks.

Leverage Existing Legacy Systems

What if you already use a digital platform within your company? Many businesses have a system in place that they have been using to some success. However, with CloudApper, companies can integrate the ERP system into their current legacy system. 
The benefit of doing so is that CloudApper supplements your current legacy system capabilities while increasing the level of digitalization within your company. Get more out of your system with CloudApper.

Mobile Operability

Mobile operating systems increase the accessibility of your new digital system and allow employees to work on their smartphones. Therefore, mobile operability must be available on your chosen system with digital operations. 

CloudApper makes this possible, ensuring that your business processes can take place on your employee’s phone. After all, implementing a system to digitize business processes should be coupled with mobile operability. With several, if not all, employees owning a smartphone, there is already a tool capable of operating the system and reaping the benefits.   


Digitalization is a process. However, by looking at the benefits CloudApper provides your business as your attempt to begin the digitizing processes, we can see that it is a smart investment. To take the first step and find out if digitalization is the right next step for your business, contact us now. 

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