5 Features of a Robust Field Sales Software

Field sales software helps improve the performance of sales representatives by measuring critical parameters. This allows the sales force to be in line with the right performance evaluation and strategic direction. Employees can be easily monitored for optimized sales activities via their phones.

Software that manages sales activities in the field can assist to determine leads and efficient time use, increase the number of conversions and revenues. CloudApper SalesQ is a field monitoring software that supports the field of sales team management and enhances the profitability of business and sales teams with the following features:

1)     Data Analysis Capability 

In order to find latent trends which can alter selling processes, data taken from the field through sales agents’ phones need to be analyzed. In the form of interactive dashboards, SalesQ gives information on data submitted by sales agents. This might help to optimize sales activities by selecting sales metrics to increase profitability as the aim.

2)     Sales Team Tracking

The location of your sales team is a key component that needs to be followed up to ensure the success of your sales team. The geo-fencing system can make sure that sales representatives check-in from where they are to make visits more authentic. This ensures that you don’t miss important bargains. This saves time and raises the accountability of the sales team.

3) Customer Feedback Management

The customers that buy the final products of a company are the stake and the most valued. Customer input is required in order to understand their needs and wishes and to adjust items according to their preferences. This increases sales and creates positive words. SalesQ can help client feedback for further examination by field sales representatives.

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4) Strategic Alignment Features

Sales teams demand top guidance in field sales in order to excel. This might be done in the form of strategic communication or by exchanging training materials to keep up with the whole team. That reduces the lack of contact with remote teams and management at the company and enhances the revenues generated by sales representatives in the appropriate direction.

5) Product Catalog

The sales team can benefit from the visual display of product SKUs, as it can assist them to show products to buyers and help them to retrieve key features. SalesQ field sales software lists in inventory products as a catalog that helps the field sales force to maintain their records of what they sell.

Sales operations can be complex and several goods can be handled, client feedback managed and field sales representatives guided. Field sales tracking applications such as SalesQ can help oversee the profitability of your sales team. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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