5 Ways to Increase Field Sales Revenue

Sales reps spend most of the time seeking prospects and engaging in proper client communication and most of it is done manually and this can be time-consuming.

Hence, there is the need for an automated system that improved the sales process and initiates proper productivity management. This is enhanced by the use of the right set of tools and technical materials that can help businesses to generate more revenue from field sales.

Adopting a system that drastically reduces the time taken to make reports and seeking prospects will make the sales process more efficient.

More time can then be spent to develop new strategies that will improve flexibility and cause a hike in sales returns. With CloudApper SalesQ, you can easily automate the sales process and enhance the productivity of your sales team and generate more profit.

How to Increase Field Sales Revenue

To increase revenue and enhance accountability, you can maximize the output of your sales force in the following ways:

Use Sales Tools

Your business will gain more from the automation of activities such as sales reporting and obtaining notifications when tasks are completed. It will also position your sales team in alignment with the company’s goals to achieve higher profitability.

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Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

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This is what SalesQ helps you achieve by helping you to easily track the growth of your sales team as they go about their field sales activities efficiently.

Track Sales Metrics

Data obtained from sales activities are observed as metrics that are generated by tracking the mobile phones of sales teams under a manager.

On the dashboard, you can obtain important sales data such as high buying customers and the rate at which targets are being achieved by sales reps. The metrics can be used to develop strategies that enhance sales productivity and improves the amount of revenue generated in a more targeted sales process.

Map Sales Reps

The development of advanced technological tools has enabled access to tools that can be used to monitor the progress of sales teams assigned to distinct locations. Geo-fencing technology is used to authenticate their locations when they go on visits to clients in assigned locations.

The system allows sales reps to check in periodically to confirm their presence in the areas where they have been assigned. SalesQ makes it easy to track sales teams and the manager has more control over sales reps.

Increase Communication

The experience of managers and their exclusive access to data analytics makes them a key part of the sales process in various markets. The knowledge they carry must be used to empower the sales team through a central hub in a bid to improve their general performance.

It can also enhance field sales performance by granting reps access to such wisdom via their mobile phones.

Leverage Customer Profiles

During the activities of a specific field sales day, sales reps contact with customers can be monitored with eyes on data about the history of orders and deliveries made by each customer.

The data can be used to make plans for the impending visits of sales reps to make more deliveries. Using SalesQ, you can acquire information such as customer information and pipeline stages to determine whether the accounts are prospects and sales reps can ultimately plot their strategies towards conversion for better sales.


Having a clear perspective of the activities of a sales team will come in handy to better manage a sales team and yield more profits. Reps can be given the right push by using a system that enables you to track their sales activity and ultimately, increase field sales revenue.

With SalesQ, you can easily monitor the sales process and increase your sales and revenue. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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