6 Basic Objectives of a Robust Sales Force Monitoring System

Technology nowadays has made it possible to monitor the work processes of employees to ensure profitability. A robust field sales monitoring app can be utilized to track the performance of your sales reps. A good sales force monitoring system should allow you to track what your salespersons are doing, the locations they visit, details about their visits, and sales orders. Tracking the steps and whereabouts of a sales team would be much easier for a manager if they are being managed by a field sales monitoring app.

Objectives of an Effective Sales Force Management System

For a sales force monitoring app or system to be deemed useful, it must fulfill certain objectives.  Below are some of the tasks a good sales management app must be able to perform:

Target Monitoring

A well-designed sales force monitoring system should utilize an interactive dashboard that should show metrics like the number of tasks completed by an employee, customers visited, reports on visits, and inventories sales reps are dealing with. All these pieces of information should help measure whether the targets set by management are being met by individual salespeople to track their performance and to achieve the company’s goals.

Tracking Task Completion

Schedules should be stringently tracked and location data should be marked and monitored through GPS by an effective field sales monitoring app. This is absolutely essential as timely delivery of desired inventories is highly lauded by customers and failure to do so might cost the company and the customers alike. Whether assigned tasks are being completed within the designated area is also important, as efficient route maps are set by sales managers which optimizes delivery times. SalesQ by CloudApper is a field sales monitoring app that flawlessly tracks employees’ locations.

Strategy Communication

A well-designed sales force monitoring system should have the capability to notify the salespeople of the day’s plan, and any changes or upgrades made to that plan by the sales manager. This should be achieved by the manager’s message being accessible to the employees by the employee side application. A manager must also be able to centrally view and modify all the plans they have devised and rolled out to sales teams dealing with various products.

Customer Segmentation

An optimal sales force monitoring system should also focus on a vital aspect of the sales process, the customers themselves. Customers exhibit various buying patterns, and taking proper account of these differences will help managers to group customers into niches that will yield high profits if nurtured properly. SalesQ has a system in place that divides customers by various demographics to ensure better targeting.

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Identifying Sales Trends

Crucial aspects such as the inventories that have been in high demand during the past few weeks,  the items that are sold more during certain times of the year, and how customers respond to changes in product pricing are some other factors that a robust sales force monitoring app should track. This will help managers tweak the items that they procure and disburse through their sales reps to increase revenues and respond well to rises and falls in volatile customer demand patterns.

Account-based Information

Salespeople are familiar with a number of special accounts designated as Key Accounts. Oftentimes, there are separate managers for these accounts, as they are extremely vital. A good field sales monitoring app should have the capability to display information on individual accounts or customers which sales reps and managers will be able to access from anywhere and at any time, increasing convenience. SalesQ by CloudApper provides the facility of storing customer-specific information that can be accessed at any time.

SalesQ by CloudApper

A dependable and efficient sales force monitoring system should make sure that your sales team abides by your targets and that your customers are well managed to ensure maximum returns. SalesQ by CloudApper is a sales management app that can achieve these objectives quite brilliantly. SalesQ has all the features needed for the smooth sales operation of your company and is readily available. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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