Affordable Tools for Field Sales Performance Management

There is no need for further delay, once you hire your sales personnel, immediately kick-start the use of a performance management app to track their activity. People who are efficiently managed and educated about how the business works become the best salesmen who know how to chase customers and convert them for profit.

A lot of tools are now available for the proper management of salespeople even though they are quite expensive. Hence, it is important to find the right tool at a much affordable price which can still provide an avenue for efficient management of sales teams.

The commitment to the proliferation of effective sales management practices that enable the proper functioning of sales teams by tracking them and providing insight that will serve as a beacon towards achieving the objectives of the company. One prime example of such solutions for monitoring sales teams is a field sales monitoring app like CloudApper.

Ways to do Field Sales Performance Management

You can attain proficiency in the management of salesmen by guiding them with insight and directives that will improve their performance through the following ways:

Provide Salespeople with Customer Insight

The success of the selling process is enhanced when salesmen are empowered with knowledge of their prospective customers, they must know their customers.

Pieces of information such as the preference, dislikes and demographics of the client can help salespeople to develop streamlined strategies in their pitch for better sales performance as a result. An app like SalesQ enables sales teams to first assess customer profiles which provide deep insight that will enable them to sell better to their target crowd.

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Track Targets Efficiently

Adopting a modern system in tracking sales targets will ultimately enhance the speed of the selling process as there is a stronger grip on the pace at which sales teams meet targets if well monitored.

The ultimate goal of an organization is easily achieved when there is proper management of field sales performance, more time is saved by the timely closing of leads.

Analyze Sales Metrics

Carefully examining available data can be pivotal towards achieving success in the sales process. Proper management of field sales performance may involve guiding reps in the right direction by the efficient use of sales metrics tracking.

Some of the metrics that can be evaluated for efficient management of sales teams include company revenue target, rate of target achievement, customer yielding the highest amount of profits, etc. These metrics can be obtained easily with the use of SalesQ and the data obtained can be used to manage sales teams at affordable cost.

Communicate Strategies

Efficient communication is important to the sales process and the manager can be actively involved through the process through the deployment of the right communication tools. Managers can follow up on the active market trends by gathering data directly from the smartphones of sales reps on the field.

With access to such data, managers can easily share their opinions and offer guidance that can help sales teams achieve the desired results. The software installed on the device of the sales team can act as a central hub for offer communication between managers and the sales reps in the field that can help in field sales performance management.

Track Sales Team Locations

One of the major ways by which we can enhance the accountability of sales teams is by the use of location tracking technologies. Businesses can take advantage of Geo-fencing technology to enable sales reps to report their location as it relates to their places of assignment.

They can check-in for authentication to prove they are in their place of work. As a manager, you will not miss out on the high priority deals that are being closed or secured by your best performing sales personnel. With an app like SalesQ, salespeople active in the field can check in from assigned locations alone. It will managers assess the authenticity of each sales team’s visit and thus, enable a working sales strategy deployment and management.


You can groom the best salesmen when you can effectively manage field sales performance by tracking sales metrics, the degree of activity, and the assigned location for optimal performance.

If you are looking for affordable software that will provide you with access to metrics such as the overall target achievements, location of sales reps, etc-you can try CloudApper SalesQ. You can take advantage of the 14-day free trial, sign up now.

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