Field Sales Monitoring App for Customer Feedback Management

Customers have the power to boost your sales or peg them back simply through actions like switching to alternatives or through negative word of mouth. As a business, it is your top priority to listen to their feedback, and using a customer feedback management tool that can be used to manage the activities of reps and record feedback from the field can help.

Instead of making reps come back to the office to report findings, they can be provided with a tool that helps them send customer feedback instantaneously to the office, so people in charge of customizing products can get to work immediately. CloudApper is a no-code platform that helps you to digitize business processes by creating apps that run your business through phones. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you manage customer feedback.

Why Manage Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback management can improve products and services.

Better Product Customization

Customers can be quite shrewd and experienced in using products. They spend a lot of time with the products and services they procure and often have good insights into the pros and cons of your products. The people engaged in production can often be surprised by the issues that customers come up with, given their attention to the product. So, it is important to use tools like SalesQ to capture feedback that can help you make better offerings.

Sales Team Service Optimization

A customer feedback management tool can help gather feedback on how salespeople are serving customers and if they lack anything. Follow-ups, cross-selling, and up-selling activities can generate feedback that can be analyzed from one period to another to measure whether salespeople have improved the way they serve customers. This can help establish a process that serves customers well for better benefits.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

SalesQ can help monitor sales reps and help them capture feedback through phones.

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Access to Customer Accounts

SalesQ allows your sales teams to access customer information in real-time through phones, which can help them update you with customer concerns. Integrations with ERPs like OMNI Account also help reps to access customer profiles from the field to assign stock, speeding up the selling process.

Strategic Communication

A customer feedback management tool like SalesQ can help you send directions to reps on how to act on customer feedback. This can help to alleviate issues and get rid of negative reviews that can hurt the business if not taken care of. Proper feedback management can also help you tweak your products as per the needs of customers for better sales.

Benefits of Managing Customer Feedback

Customer feedback management has the following benefits:

More Product Adoption

Listening to customer feedback and customizing products can help come up with a niche and optimized offerings that best serve the customer segment you are trying to target. This will reduce negative reviews, increase referrals, and increase positive word of mouth. Such positives will lead to repeat purchases and new customers, increasing revenue.

Better Customer Service

Feedback focuses on the service that field sales reps are providing. If customers are not satisfied with the service, it is time to coach sales reps so that they handle clients better. Forming personal relationships with clients can help reps sell more and consequently unlock more referrals and cross-selling opportunities.

A field sales monitoring app can help you gather customer feedback and help sales reps act on them to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. CloudApper SalesQ can be a useful tool for feedback management by letting your reps record customer feedback from the field. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial and try out a plethora of free apps by CloudApper.

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