How a Digital Product Catalog Can Help Your Sales Team Sell More

Paper-based product catalogs are hard to update on the go when changes are made to existing products. A new batch must be created, which can prove costly and uses up resources and time. Having a digital product catalog can be extremely helpful to your sales reps for easy access to product details.

A field sales monitoring app can let your sales reps access a digital product catalog that can be updated by scanning product barcodes. This can help them with product knowledge and makes it easier for them to display products to clients, improving the overall selling experience.

Why You Need a Digital Product Catalog

A digital product catalog can enhance the selling process in the following ways:


These days, people tend to shy away from procedures that require touch. A paper module transfers from hand to hand and can carry diseases. They are quite costly to produce, as subsequent reprints lead to scrapping older versions. A digital product catalog can help display products through an online mobile platform that does not require touch and has no need for printing.

Instant Updates

Paper brochures must be printed again if there are updates to existing products. A digital product catalog, however, will not have the same problem and updates can be made on the go. This makes it possible for reps to stay up to date on products, which they can then communicate to clients for a better selling experience.

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Digital Product Catalog

This feature provided by SalesQ allows you to scan barcodes to create a digital catalog that can be easily accessed by reps. Customers can see product images and details if necessary and understand what they need to order. The process is seamless, and updates can be made on the go to keep a vast digital library of products current.

Order Tracking

SalesQ has a comprehensive list that tracks orders and lists sales reps who have delivered them, along with comments. The units of products delivered, and top customers are some of the data that the app displays by collecting data from the phones of sales reps. This helps you to track the selling process and make adjustments as necessary.

Benefits of Using a Digital Product Catalog

Digital catalogs can ramp up the mobility of your field sales reps.

Increased Sales

Having everything in order for sales reps to view and for customers to order can result in an increase in orders. This is due to the ease of the ordering process, and the reliability of reps having adequate product information. Reps can also stay up to date on the products for better customer requirement analysis.

Quality of Life Improvements

Your sales reps will not have to call you every time they suspect a product has been updated to get information that is not in the brochure. They can rely on you to just update the digital catalog which they can access from their phones. Reps will also not be hassled by carrying paper brochures which might get lost.

Having a digital catalog can save you the hassle of carrying around physical catalogs that are costly and cumbersome. Digital catalogs allow reps to stay up to date on product information and present the information to customers. This has a positive impact on sales. A field sales monitoring app like SalesQ can help in managing reps and providing a digital product catalog. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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