How to Improve FMCG Sales Force Mobility

Technology can be used to regulate and increase FMCG sales force mobility by utilizing sales reps’ mobile phones. Data collected from the field through sales reps is used to plot sales operations strategies and improve route maps for better FMCG deliveries. This helps to track the sales force through territories and stores and make sure deliveries are on time.

FMCG sales force usually consists of a large number of employees, and managing their tasks is essential for company success. Increasing efficiency of day-to-day FMCG tasks can help sales reps achieve better results. Field sales monitoring apps like CloudApper SalesQ can help increase FMCG sales force efficiency and mobility for better sales.

Ways to Improve FMCG Sales Force Mobility

The sales force mobility and functionality of FMCG sales teams can be improved by using appropriate technology for better benefits. This can be achieved in the following ways:

Track FMCG Sales Force

The location of FMCG sales force agents can be tracked to ensure that they are in the territory or store that they have been assigned. Geo-fencing capability enhances check-in accuracy, as reps can only punch in from where they are supposed to. This makes sure reps are always present for essential deliveries and speeds up the sales process. SalesQ allows you to track FMCG sales representative locations through their phones.

Leverage Reports

FMCG sales force mobility can be improved by tracking key metrics to generate reports and dashboards that analyze data for better insights. Target achievement, inventory turnover rate, and return from market are some essential factors that must be tracked to ensure success of distribution-based businesses through efficient sales force management.

Share Strategic Insights

FMCG and packaged goods companies produce a range of items, and have different teams selling their products. Communication is essential in this regard, as managers might need to communicate essential information to sales reps. SalesQ allows strategic insights and training videos to be accessed from FMCG sales agents’ mobile phones . This establishes clear communication between management and teams and speeds up the sales process by eliminating the need to physically report into the office.

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Identify Top Customers

Pushing products is the principal strategy of FMCG sales teams, and this can be achieved faster by tracking top consumers. Stores and territories that pull the most products can be identified through SalesQ to provide targeted offerings and increase sales and business profitability.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can help speed up the mobility of FMCG sales representatives by tracking orders to determine units and amount of inventory movement. This can help replenish inventory in real-time and make sure there are no pending orders in the backlog due to product shortages.


The mobility of FMCG sales agents can be greatly increased by taking advantage of technology and the right tools to speed up their performance. This increases the revenue generated from FMCG sales operations, and increases the profitability of FMCG companies, helping them stay ahead of the competition. SalesQ can help increase the sales force mobility of FMCG sales teams by tracking key metrics and ensuring robust reporting. Sign up for a 14-day free trial now.

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