How to Improve Pharmaceutical Sales Force Mobility

Technology leads companies worldwide to break up old-school systems and enhance mobility via sales optimization software. Doctors in the health sector engage continuously with pharmaceutical sales agents, and the style of your sales is crucial to distinguish from competitors to become industry top drug sellers.

The leveraging of technology to track sales, pharmaceutical sales KPIs, and drug inventory can optimize pharmaceutical sales processes. Applications like CloudApper SalesQ for field sales monitoring can help improve the mobility of the drug dealer in order to improve profitability and accountability for its sales force.

Ways to Increase Pharmaceutical Sales Force Mobility

Pharmaceutical sales representatives can be appropriately structured and their performance can be measured in the following ways to boost pharmaceutical sales:

Share Strategies

Drug sales frequently involve a wide variety of medicines, with customers consisting usually of doctors and stores. Managers can acquire information via reports which are difficult to understand from the field. Proper strategic communication from above could allow pharmaceutical sales representatives to change their approach and enhance sales. SalesQ enables strategic alignment in real-time by delivering directions to reps’ telephones which can aid with the distribution of drugs.

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Track Pharmaceutical Sales Force

The position of sales representatives is crucial to the success of pharmaceutical sales since prompt deliveries serve to speed up the sales process. Sales representatives can be tracked by geo-fencing on their phones, allowing them to check from the location. This ensures that you don’t miss important deals and gives your eyes to the field.

Leverage Doctor Relationships

Doctors are typically the main points of contact through which pharmaceutical sales reps sell their medicines. Doctors promote good interactions with representatives who know their skills and answer questions. SalesQ enables feedback recording that helps representatives on the field to capture doctor preferences. This data can be used to provide customized medicine sales offers.

Manage Through Reports

The collection and analysis of data from reps phones by means of a central system can help to monitor latent patterns and metrics exhibited via interactive dashboards. To understand sales force productivity, factors such as objective achievement, completion of tasks, and order data can be used and action can be made to improve drug sales.

Target Top Pharmacies

You can follow outstanding clients by purchase using SalesQ. This can contribute to increasing sales by assigning skilled representatives to manage top accounts that buy the largest product range. The aim and delivery of items to top customers may accelerate the pharmaceutical sales process by producing income.


Pharmaceutical sales can be accelerated by smooth management of your phones, boosting the mobility of your sales staff. This is done using tabs on pharmaceutical sales representatives through different areas and doctor interaction records. SalesQ is a sales surveillance tool that can improve the mobility of the sales force. Register for a 14-day free trial now.

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