How to Increase Sales of FMCG Products

FMCG products typically sell well compared to other offerings, but necessary measures must be taken to make sure FMCG product sales are increased. This can be done by analyzing the market, 

monitoring reps, and streamlining the delivery process. The technology of today allows us to monitor sales reps through teams, and this method can help ramp up the performance of FMCG sales reps.

Monitoring sales reps through their own devices have multiple benefits, including increased mobility due to reporting from the field and better connectivity. Authenticating reporting locations can also make sure FMCG products are timely delivered, 

answering the question of how to increase sales of FMCG products. A field sales monitoring apps like CloudApper SalesQ can help to increase FMCG sales by sales team management.

Ways to Increase Sales of FMCG Products

The distribution and sales of FMCG products can be improved in the following ways to increase revenue:

Use Sales Data Analytics

Data collected from the phones of sales reps can help identify latent trends and market behavior that can help target the right customers. This can help in forecasting sales and production and procurement decisions, which

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can help move more products and increase sales. SalesQ provides analytics on latent metrics through interactive dashboards that can help you make vital selling decisions and track sales metrics.

Communicate Strategies

Sales managers have great insights and experience in the FMCG market and know how to increase sales of FMCG products. Managers can understand changes and communicate them to sales reps that can help them sell products faster. 

Training videos can also be shared that can be accessed by the whole team on the go, improving sales mobility.

Track Check-in Locations

The locations from where sales reps sign in should be meticulously tracked to ensure timely deliveries. Trusting the reporting of reps is an old-fashioned way of authenticating check-ins. SalesQ provides Geo-fencing capability, 

which allows reps to check in from where they are supposed to. This lends you a pair of eyes on the field and increases the authenticity of sales force reporting.

Monitor Target Achievement

Targets should be meticulously measured, and sales reps should be constantly alerted on their progress to help them do better. Target achievement is an acid test of sales rep performance, and measuring them can help

improve the performance of field sales reps. This can help increase the sales of FMCG products.

Check Order Details

The performance of sales reps can be improved by checking their status of order details such as time taken and number of orders delivered.

 This can help assess the efficiency of sales reps. SalesQ allows you to view order details for tweaking sales operations and improving the sales of FMCG products for better performance.


Field sales rep performance can be evaluated and monitored to ensure the fast selling of FMCG goods. This can help improve the condition of your company and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Technology can be utilized to manage sales reps from the field for better data collection. CloudApper SalesQ can help you increase FMCG sales by tracking sales teams. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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