How to Manage a FMCG Sales Force

The fast-moving consumer goods industry is a booming industry that supplies essential commodities to households. They employ a large sales force and have a reach over large geographical territories. Efficient management of these sales agents is quite essential in order to ensure timely deliveries and uninterrupted revenue generation. Optimized sales operations ensure good relationships with resellers and distributors and individual sales outlets that sell packaged goods, and with customers alike for better business growth.

Fast moving consumer goods manufacturers usually have a diverse product line and the competition is always steep. There has to be constant product innovation to stay ahead of the curve, and a streamlined sales operations process can help move goods from inventory and help bring warehousing costs down. Curious to know how? Read this article to find out how CloudApper SalesQ, a field sales force monitoring app, helps with FMCG sales rep management and increases sales.

Ways to Manage an FMCG Sales Force

FMCG industries have vast product lines, and care must be taken to distribute each line. This requires monitoring a large sales force to make sure products are in store shelves. Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved:

Track Sales Force Activities

Geo-fencing capabilities of a field sales monitoring app can be utilized to make sure FMCG sales agents check in within assigned territories like warehouses and stores. Report generation from the field by sales agents can also be viewed in real-time to access important client visits and updates.

Set Attainable Targets

Sales roles are based on targets, and FMCG sales have a heavier reliance on targets. How successful packaged goods sales agents are at pushing products to shelves in stores throughout territories should be monitored. Sales per rep and inventory turnover metrics should be tracked, and realistic numbers should be set as targets for sales reps to achieve. The more targets that reps can meet, the better it is for FMCG distributors.

Focus on Best Performing Areas

Areas where products are performing well in terms of inventory pull should be determined by assessing sales across territories. SalesQ lets you ascertain sales by area to understand where products are better performing, and which product is moving faster as per individual customers. This data can be used to optimize delivery routes and your sales force for better revenue generation.

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Push Top Products

Products that are high in demand based on how quickly they move out of inventory should be tracked. These products should be produced more to meet further demands down the line. Sales forecasting for the next period can help a company respond to what the market wants and push it through FMCG sales representatives to generate higher profits.

Share Strategic Decisions

Field level employees are often busy and might get deterred from goals set for them by management. Managers can use SalesQ as a central hub to share information with reps and supply training videos which can be accessed in real time to tweak the sales operations process.


FMCG sales involves numerous product lines and a vast field sales force. Monitoring all these products as well as managing such a large sales team can be cumbersome. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can streamline the fast-moving consumer goods sales rep management process for superior profitability. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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