How to Monitor FMCG Sales Force

Typically, FMCG products are pierced with short durability. In general, FMCG retail uses a huge sales force to distribute products over several territories and stores. In order to ensure that inventory move quickly and the goods can be delivered in time, the sales force must be carefully monitored.

FMCG organizations need to concentrate on all their sectors and use technology to optimize their processes. This gives them a competitive edge in a highly competitive sector. SalesQ can assist in the monitoring of FMCG sales force and aid to improve sales representatives’ responsibilities and productivity.

Ways to Monitor FMCG Sales Force

Productivity and tasks should be monitored in order to provide more revenue and productivity for fast-moving consumer goods. In the following ways, this is possible:

Track FMCG Sales Force

By tracking the places they check-in, the legitimacy of sales team visits can be boosted. Geo-fencing ensures that agents can only check-in from allocated areas, hence increasing their accountability. This ensures that delivery is prompt and time-consuming to boost revenues is optimized. SalesQ supports tracking of locations in FMCG sales forces. 

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Share Strategic Insights

Connections must be established between management and FMCG sales representatives to ensure a seamless flow of work and that representative are aligned to the intended goals. This can be done by sharing strategic insights in real-time that reps can access via their phones. This ensures that they take the proper approach to revenue and sales.

Use Reports

For a targeted sales effort and improved success assessment, metrics such as the target rate, territories most profitable for sales, and consumers who buy most of the goods should be monitored. SalesQ offers robust and dynamic dashboards with latent patterns. These can be used to make important management decisions to optimize FMCG sales operations and sell additional products.

Get Notified on Task Completion

Objective achievement and orders delivered in the management of an FMCG sales force are crucial parameters. Managers must know these data and field sales tracking apps can notify them when tasks are accomplished or some target level is completed. They ensure that time is used properly, as management can assign reps assignments after completion.

Monitor Multiple Territories

In order to manage several territories’ offices or distributors, various SalesQ instances could be built. They are each controlled separately by their sales representatives. This helps users to have more control over territories and enables them to compare performance to make changes to areas that require more assistance.


To ensure the sale of perishable commodities does not stagger the stock, resulting in losses, a certain level of precision is needed. The fast-moving consumer products sector is quite competitive and can help to make better profits by adopting the correct technologies. For improving productivity and accountability, SalesQ can help to manage the FMCG sales force. Register now for a free 14-day free trial.

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