How to Find Out Whether Sales Teams are Making Sales Visits to Customers

Sales visits to customers are an integral part of sales team activities. The sales team mostly operates remotely, so it can be hard to figure out whether they are actually visiting clients as they are reporting. If your sales team falsifies client visit data, it can hurt profits as prospects will not be followed up and conversions will decline.

A mobile app can help you authenticate the veracity of sales visits. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you have a pair of eyes in the field and verify whether reps are actually working.

Why Authenticate Whether Teams are Making Sales Visits to Customers

There is a tendency for certain reps to distort sales reports. This can cause trouble for managers when they are to assess why conversions are low.

Authentic Reports

Checking whether reps are actually making visits and checking in from locations where client meetings are to take place will provide accurate reports. This helps paint a clear picture of the capabilities and lack of sales teams to make adjustments where necessary. Management can also understand the true nature of the performance of the sales team through authentic reports.

Better Performance

Authenticating whether sales teams are actually making visits can help you enhance the performance of your sales team. Since sales reps will know that their progress is being monitored, they will be pushed to perform better and deliver greater results. Client conversions will increase as your sales team will be making genuine visits each day.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

CloudApper SalesQ can help you track the locations and tasks of sales reps through their phones for better management.

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Verify Check-ins

SalesQ uses Geo-fencing technology to set a perimeter around clients your sales reps are supposed to visit. Reps can report on client location check-ins only from the assigned perimeter, which authenticates their visits. This lets managers ensure sales reps are actually making visits and increases company revenue by proper utilization of the sales force.

Track Targets

Target completion, the status of completion, clients assigned, total revenue generated, visit details, and types of customers are some of the data and metrics that can be tracked by SalesQ. This gives you a clear picture of sales operations and helps you manage the daily activities of sales reps through their phones.

Benefits of Tracking Whether Sales Reps are Making Visits

There are numerous positives in tracking sales teams through their phones.

Profit Maximization

Ensuring reps are continuously working without fail and completing their visits can have a positive impact on the profits of the company. Monitoring reps can guarantee more conversion, increasing revenue in the process. Reps will be able to use their time properly, as reporting tasks are automated by SalesQ.

Better Management

Making sales visits to customers is the core responsibility of sales reps. Managers can use SalesQ to ensure this objective is met at its fullest and align sales teams. Any rep who lags behind can be coached, and strategic guidance can also be imparted to the whole team through SalesQ for better performance.

Authenticating sales visits can make a world of difference in terms of revenue generation. Teams who are not supervised through tracking will undoubtedly perform worse than those that are tracked. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you manage the legitimacy of sales visits. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial

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