Integrating CloudApper SalesQ with OMNI Accounts for Increased Mobility

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions like OMNI Accounts are used to manage essential client and stock information of an organization. Most of these modules lack the mobility of cloud-based mobile apps. 

This becomes problematic when the selling of financial services is involved, and reps must be able to log data from the field. Integrating CloudApper SalesQ with OMNI Accounts grants much-needed mobility to sales reps and speeds up the selling process.

CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can be integrated with OMNI accounts to let reps modify and view client data and assign stocks on the go. 

Traditional ERPs are desk-bound, and integration with CloudApper SalesQ provides them the functionality of easy remote access by reps via the mobile app or web app.

Why Integrate CloudApper SalesQ with OMNI Accounts?

Integrating SalesQ with OMNI Accounts will grant reps greater mobility by allowing them to view prospect information from the field. 

This will allow them to assign stocks to accounts in real-time, speeding up the selling process, instead of coming back to the office for data entry. Data stored on OMNI can be altered via SalesQ, and the same can be done via OMNI.

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When Should You Integrate CloudApper SalesQ with OMNI Accounts?

Increasing the mobility of ERPs is the primary function of CloudApper Integration. You should integrate CloudApper SalesQ with OMNI Accounts in the following cases:

When Complexity Should be Reduced

Run-of the mill ERPs can be quite cumbersome to use and can be hassling for sales reps to operate. Translating OMNI’s functionality through SalesQ can help in easier data entry, as the SalesQ interface has been designed with user ease in mind.

To Grant Remote Access

Field sales reps can find it hard to report back to the office at the end of the day and assign stocks manually through OMNI. Granting them increased mobility can help them work remotely, and loss of data can be prevented by instant entry through an integrated system.

When Customization is Required

OMNI primarily deals with the accounting function of an organization. SalesQ can be integrated with OMNI when sales data needs to be combined with accountancy data to reach unique conclusions or to provide customized solutions to customers like stock assignment.

How CloudApper SalesQ Integration with OMNI Accounts can Make the Work of Your Sales Force Seamless?

The benefits of integrating CloudApper SalesQ with OMNI Accounts are discussed below:

Ease of Data Collection

Collecting data and entering it into OMNI is impossible without SalesQ integration. SalesQ mobile app makes the job of your sales reps easier by collecting data from the field. This makes the process of selling financial services seamlessly and helps you increase your business at a faster rate for better revenues.

Access to Customer Data

SalesQ allows sales reps to view customer data in real-time to make changes as necessary. Customer information also allows sales reps to make a better pitch for a customized selling effort as per customer preferences. Managers can also access sales rep activity per account to understand the selling approach of field sales reps.

Data Collection From Anywhere

Sales reps can access the OMNI module from anywhere in the world by using SalesQ for easy assignment of stocks to customer accounts. This increases the mobility of sales teams and allows for remote selling activities and greater customer satisfaction due to fast service.

CloudApper SalesQ for Sales Financial Sales Force Management

OMNI Accounts is a versatile ERP that can keep track of the accounting information of an organization. SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can integrate with OMNI to provide you a handle for managing the sales aspect of financial instruments. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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