Monitor to Increase Field Sales Revenue

There has been a significant decrease in the productivity of the sales force in every part of the world particularly due to a hike in sales targets and an increase in the number of members in sales teams. This can be addressed by making use of technology that can be used to evaluate and maintain sales productivity.

You can efficiently manage the sales teams to ensure that they do not get distracted from pushing through on their targets and produce the output that is required of them. Every sales rep can be managed via their smartphones and they can be held accountable for their productivity. A field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ offers multiple ways to improve field sales revenue.

Ways to Increase Field Sales Revenue

To ensure an increase in the productivity of sales teams, you need to adopt a hands-on approach to make sure that they achieve the maximum amount of targets by making use of minimal resources. Here are some ways in which you can get this done:

Sales Training

With the rapidly changing environment, the sales process changes constantly and sales reps need to be in a positive alignment with the sales processes and targets of the organization.

To get them in this position, you need to put them through constant training on changing sales processes. SalesQ can help in development, sharing and strategic training with the sales force to easily increase productivity.

Target Management

Target fulfillment is the simplest way to determine sales productivity and can be a great way to enhance field sales revenue. You can pay close attention to sales targets by actively tracking, measuring, and bench-marked to make sure that sales productivity is at its peak.

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This method is useful when it comes to managing clients that yield the most sales. You can assign your best sales teams to handle these clients or deploy them into areas where there is a huge chance to make higher revenues. Ultimately, you can achieve your company objectives relatively easily.

Automate Sales Processes

Sales automation can help you to reduce the burden imposed by the sales operations and you can manage your sales team with relative ease. It ensures that more work can be done at least cost or with minimal mobility.

While the field sales operation is ongoing, you can activate notifications and alerts which can notify you about the number of targets completed by your sales reps. You can make use of the SalesQ app to help with the automation of the sales process and you can obtain notifications about the activities of your sales team on the go.

Analyze Data

The availability of sales metrics can ensure that a thorough analysis of sales data is carried out to assess and determine strategies to increase business and profitability.

Some of the metrics you can track include target achievement and profitable locations where profits are much higher. You can observe these metrics to make sure that the right sales reps are in the right place and that they are to work to their fullest potential.

Track Sales Teams

Tracking the movements of your sales reps’ location can increase sales productivity with the use of geofencing technology. This technology can be used by sales reps to check in from their assigned locations and to confirm their availability at the point of duty.

This ensures that you can stay updated with information about the important deals that are being processed and thus you can increase field sales revenue.


Using technology to track the location and activities of sales teams can help to improve the productivity of sales teams. It is a viable means of increasing field sales revenue.

It increases the mobility of sales teams and enhances their efficiency especially if sales automation is adopted. SalesQ is a useful field sales monitoring app that can increase the productivity of sales teams. To try out the software, sign up for a 14-day free trial now.

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