Sales Automation Benefits

Today, competition among businesses is fierce, and companies are looking to technology for ways to boost sales. The ability for your sales reps to use the internet and mobile phones to automate repetitive tasks can help you unlock the benefits of sales automation, improving sales for increased revenue.

Sales processes can now be tweaked for increased mobility by using mobile apps that automate tasks through phones. A sales force workflow automation app like CloudApper SalesQ can help you automate reporting and track sales metrics to improve the visibility and efficiency of the sales process.

Benefits of Sales Automation

Sales automation can increase revenue because it speeds up the selling process by eliminating or minimizing cumbersome tasks that reps encounter on a daily basis:

Better Reporting

Reps can report from the field using mobile apps like SalesQ for a smoother working experience. This eliminates the hassle of manual reporting and lets managers access report logs in real-time for better sales visibility. Target achievement and tasks can be tracked to ensure sales reps are hitting their quotas. This ensures that the company reaches its aggregate revenue target.

Access to Customer Profiles

One benefit of sales automation is the ability of sales reps to view prospect databases via mobile phones. This gives you the option of granting customer profile access to reps, so they can access information that you can control. Reps, in turn, can save valuable time by using this to customize their pitch for better sales, rather than flipping through day planner pages to recall information on prospects.

Easier Strategy Communication

Experienced managers tend to have better insights into the market, and they can often spot sales trends by analyzing data collected in the field. This can help them formulate strategies and make adjustments to empower the sales team to perform better, and it is easy for sales managers to communicate essential strategies to sales teams on the field through SalesQ. Communication is instantaneous and helps keep the sales team on the same page through essential tips and training.

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Sales Visit Authentication

Sales managers are often concerned as to whether sales reps are visiting clients and doing so in a timely manner. Geo-fencing technology can help you make sure by having assigned locations for reps to check-in using their phones. This is one of the most popular sales automation benefits, giving you a virtual presence on the field to monitor your sales reps.

Data Analysis

Sales metrics tracked through SalesQ can be analyzed by the app for sales insights. Top customers, rates of target achievement, and total revenue generated are some of the types of information that can be gleaned through SalesQ. Graphs can be tweaked for your viewing convenience, helping you to understand sales data better and to make appropriate sales projections.


The benefits of sales automation can help you scale your business and stay ahead of the competition. An increasing number of companies are integrating sales automation into their selling process and reaping great dividends. SalesQ is a sales force workflow automation app by CloudApper that can help automate your sales processes. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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