What sales indicators does sales agent monitoring software track?

What sales indicators does sales agent monitoring software track?

Sales agents are often unfairly labeled as easy going employees. This is often due to sales managers being unaware of the daily activities of their field sales agents, with sales managers often being tied to the office it is difficult to maintain a presence in the sales field and keep tabs on business operations. It is due to this reason that sales managers rely on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Key performance indicators are sales variables and metrics that can be used to provide insight and track performances of individuals, departments or companies as a whole.

A major factor for managers is deciding which KPI’s should be monitored as this is what will provide the insight needed to paint a clear picture of agents activities. Below are a few suggestions and reasons why field sales agent monitoring solutions assist in making this task easier to perform.

New leads and opportunities.
This is often the first indicator monitored due to its importance. Opportunities often become sales which increases a company’s revenues and contributes to the growth and sustainability of the business. However it also provides insight on the agents. Which agents are meeting their targets? Who is falling short and how can they be helped? Sales agent monitoring tools help answer these questions, the application can be run on an agents mobile phone thereby allowing the agents to log their activities which will then be tracked for future insight.

Acquisition rates.
This KPI often goes hand hand with new opportunities, of the new leads acquired how many have been converted into sales? This is a question often asked by sales managers and can now be answered through the information collated with the help of a sales agent monitoring application. Comparing agent conversion rates has now been made easier, sales managers can also create more accurate benchmarks.

Leveraging the use of a sales agent monitoring solutions ensures leadership will always have up to date insights in an efficient manner even when bound to their office.

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