SalesQ vs. Repsly- Which Retail Sales App to Choose?

Let’s take a look at the features and pricing options of CloudApper SalesQ vs. Repsly retail sales apps to help you choose the better option.

What Is Repsly?

Repsly is basically focused on retail sales force performance optimization for better sales. Repsly basically monitors FMCG sales force data and provides metrics on their performance through their phones. This can help territory managers manage tasks and activities to ensure that their sales force performs adequately.

As an alternative to SalesQ, Repsly can help you manage store inventory and track competitors. It also specializes in monitoring retail sales employees. However, the mobile app is not extremely robust for the management of reps, and there is no option to check location information for better check-in authentication.

What Is SalesQ?

CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you make sure retail reps are actually making deliveries by authentication of check-ins, recording order details, and sales metrics analysis. Reporting of reps can be automated to increase their mobility for more guaranteed deliveries and satisfied customers.

As an alternative to Repsly, SalesQ can offer you complete digitization of retail sales operations by using your sales reps’ phones to increase the volume of retails deliveries. SalesQ is also highly affordable and helps you to align your reps in the field by sharing strategies and marketing collateral.

The current pricing model of SalesQ is $10 per user per month, which is highly affordable. SalesQ can grant you control over the actions of your retail sales reps to increase sales.

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Features Comparison Table

  Mobile App  
  Web & App Usage  
  Check-in Verification  
  Activity Monitoring  
  Summary Report  
  Real-Time Monitoring  
  Order Management  
  Task Management  
  Product Catalog  
  Inventory Management  

Top Reasons to Choose SalesQ

    To Take Control of Retail Sales Teams-

SalesQ allows you to manage retail delivery tasks and track the activities of your sales team. The progress of their work can be viewed by managers in real-time, and since reps have to constantly report, they try to perform better for the benefit of all parties involved.

    When You Need to Know Whether Check-ins are Authentic-

Geo-fencing technology makes it possible for you to set perimeters around territories and client locations. Reps will need to provide check-in reports from assigned areas only, as reports will not be accepted otherwise. This increases the authenticity of sales visits.

    To Increase the Mobility of Your Sales Team-

Sales team mobility can be increased by eliminating pen and paper processes and letting reps report from the field. This removes the element of reporting back to the office, and lets reps invest more time in making deliveries seamlessly through SalesQ.

    When You Require an Affordable Solution-

SalesQ starts at the affordable price of $10 per user per month, which is an affordable solution for managing your sales reps. The subscription can be scaled based on the size of your sales team, and you get access to a vast library of CloudApper marketplace apps as well.

    To Track Retail Sales Data-

Sales data can be tracked to find out order size, top customers, and rate of revenue generation for SalesQ. These can be seen as dashboards or interactive charts that give a clear picture of sales operations to make future projections.

Top Reasons to Choose Repsly

    To Manage Shelf Inventory-

Repsly lets you analyze and measure the inventory on the store shelves based on the information you’ve provided. This can help you make procurement decisions and maintain good relationships with suppliers. However, it does not give you the option to make digital product libraries by scanning barcodes.

    When You Need to Track Competitors-

You can benchmark and track what other competitors are doing through Repsly. This gives you the opportunity to tweak your own operations if you are falling behind or emulate what competitors are doing differently.

The Pricing Plan

No free plan No free plan
Starts at $10 per user per month $29 / $49/ $69 per user per month
Unlimited Apps from CloudApper marketplace  

Which App Should You Choose?

SalesQ and Repsly are both field sales apps that can handle retail sales operations. SalesQ has been custom built as a mobile app and is extremely effective in delivering reports from the field. Geo-fencing allows you to authenticate whether sales visits are authentic and increase the accountability and performance levels of sales reps.

SalesQ has advanced functions like sales metrics analytics, task management and order management. The app can help you determine whether retail sales reps are actually making deliveries. Training modules can also be shared with reps in the field. SalesQ brings mobility to your retail operations at an affordable cost. Contact us now.

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