SalesQ vs. SalesRabbit- Which Is the Better Alternative?

Let’s take a look at the features and pricing options of CloudApper SalesQ vs. SalesRabbit sales apps to help you choose the better alternative.

What Is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is a sales management app that optimizes business processes. Territories and leads can be managed through this app for a coordinated selling effort. It includes prospect management, performance management, sales analytics, and data dashboards. It also supports integrations with modules such as Salesforce.

As an alternative to SalesQ, SalesRabbit can be used to generate leads through built-in tools. This acts as an alternative to using LinkedIn premium and other lead generation platforms. The mobile module is however not very robust, and SalesQ is a better option to manage reps via an app on their phones.

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What Is SalesQ?

CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you manage your reps through their phones. This allows for real-time reporting and check-in verification, which lets you make sure that reps are actually working. Sales metrics analysis also allows you to understand the performance of sales reps and make adjustments as necessary.

As an alternative to SalesRabbit, SalesQ’s robust mobile app can be the online hub that allows you to automate and monitor field sales activities. Take control of your sales operation and generate more revenue. SalesQ allows you to track targets and send strategic guidance that can help you align the whole team for better performance.

The current pricing model of SalesQ is $10 per user per month, which is an affordable choice. SalesQ can grant you control over your sales operations by managing reps through their phones.    

                             Features Comparison Table

  Mobile App  
  Web & App Usage  
  Check-in Verification  
  Activity Monitoring  
  Summary Report  
  Real-Time Monitoring  
  Order Management  
  Task Management  
  Product Catalog  
  Inventory Management  
  Free Plan  

Top Reasons to Choose SalesQ

    When You Need a Set of Eyes in the Field-

SalesQ allows your reps to report on target completion in real-time, to give the impression that you are present in the field. Track the progress of your sales reps throughout the day, and course-correct individuals who are lagging behind using SalesQ.

    To Track Reps’ Reporting Location-

Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on sales reps’ words to make sure their visit reports are accurate. SalesQ uses geo-fencing to make sure reps are only able to provide check-in reports from the clients’ locations, increasing the authenticity of your management.

    When You Need to Provide Training and Strategic Guidance-

SalesQ allows you to provide guidance to the reps through their phones to push them to perform better. Training videos, modules, and marketing material [k22] can also be attached to a central hub which can be easily accessed by reps from the field.

    To Automate Manual Tasks-

SalesQ can automate tasks for your reps to help them prospect better. Reporting is automated to increase mobility and eliminate pen and paper processes. This lets reps work remotely and concentrate solely on selling, increasing your revenue.

    When You Need Detailed Sales Metrics Analytics-

Detailed reports on target achievement, size of recent orders delivered, customers visited, and top customers are presented by SalesQ. Interactive dashboards and customizable charts give you a deep dive into sales metrics to make better plans.

    When You Require an Affordable Sales Management Solution-

SalesQ is a highly affordable app, going for $10 per user per month. The subscription can be scaled based on the size of your sales force and gives you access to a vast library of free apps from the CloudApper marketplace.

Top Reasons to Choose SalesRabbit

    When You Require a Built-in Lead Generation Tool-

SalesRabbit has a built-in lead generation tool that saves you the hassle of resorting to other methods for lead generation. Lead generation, however, is a task that is separately carried out by reps in most cases.

    To Automate Sales Processes-

SalesRabbit lets you automate your sales process and manage reps from the field. However, the mobile module is not extremely robust, and operations are not always as smooth compared to dedicated mobile apps.

                                                                   The Pricing Plan

No free plan No free plan
Starts at $10 per user per month $49 / $56 / $76 per user per month and custom packages
Unlimited Apps from CloudApper marketplace Not applicable

Which App Should You Choose?

CloudApper SalesQ and SalesRabbit are both field sales apps. SalesQ allows you to use its mobile module to let you manage reps from the field, as you view their live reports through your phone or desktop. SalesRabbit helps you manage your field forces and makes lead generation activities easier.

SalesQ is an app solely developed to collect reports from the phones of sales reps, as well as verify that they are actually making visits, so you do not miss out on essential deals going through. The app is also highly affordable at $10 per user per month and offers you a plethora of free apps from the CloudApper marketplace. Contact us now!

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