SalesQ vs. Skynamo- Which Is the Better Field Sales App?

Let’s take a look at the features and pricing options of CloudApper SalesQ vs. Skynamo sales apps to help you choose the best option.

What Is Skynamo?

Skynamo sales platform is used by wholesalers and distributors to manage their sales teams. This app allows you to customize route plans and automate sales tasks. It allows managers to view sales activities of field sales reps through their phones for better performance management.

As an alternative to SalesQ, Skynamo can help in planning the routes of sales teams and creating detailed prospect profiles. It can also produce call reports. The mobile module is not extremely robust, and a dedicated mobile app like SalesQ can automate reporting functions better.

What Is SalesQ?

CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you take control of your sales team via an app on their phones. Reporting and administrative tasks are automated to increase their mobility, and authentic visits are increased through geo-fencing, letting them provide check-in reports only from assigned locations.

 As an alternative to Skynamo, SalesQ can help you authenticate the check-in locations of sales reps and maintain a digital product inventory by scanning barcodes. The mobile app is highly functional, and the product is highly affordable. Manage the activities of your reps and increase your revenue remotely using SalesQ. 

The current pricing model of SalesQ is $10 per user per month, which is an affordable option. SalesQ can grant you control over your sales reps through their devices.

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Features Comparison Table

Mobile App
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Activity Monitoring
Summary Report
Real-Time Monitoring
Order Management
Task Management
Product Catalog
Inventory Management
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Top Reasons to Choose SalesQ

    When You Need Control Over Your Sales Team-

SalesQ allows you to monitor the activities of your sales reps through their phones to increase the levels of sales activity. This lets you increase your revenue by generating more sales and customer engagement, increasing your ROI.

    When You Need to Know Whether Visits Are Authentic-

Geo-fencing helps you to make sure reps are checking in only from client locations, making sure visits are legit. This makes sure that conversion goes up due to authentic visits from reps, increasing your revenue.

    To Increase Mobility-

Reporting from the field using phones through SalesQ can help increase the mobility of sales teams by eliminating pen and paper processes. Reps will also not need to report back to the office, letting them invest more time in prospecting instead of reporting.

    When You Require Affordable Sales Management-

Sales management can be done properly these days thanks to the internet and mobile technology. SalesQ starts at just $10 per user per month, granting you free access to a ton of other apps by CloudApper. Scale your subscription based on the size of your team for a guaranteed increase in revenue!

    To Gain Insight Through Analytics-

Sales metrics analysis through SalesQ allows you to understand the performance of your sales team to increase productivity. Revenue generation levels and top customers can be identified to carry out a more focused selling effort and increase profits.

Top Reasons to Choose Skynamo

    When Route Planning Is Necessary-

Skynamo takes geographical data to make route plans that are optimized for sales reps. This can help reduce inefficiency and help reps prospect better. However, managers usually want to set routes instead of automating them.

    To Record Sales Call Reports-

Skynamo can create sales call reports to make it easier for sales reps to keep a track of sales interactions and to make follow-ups in the future. This can help the sales team prospect better. However, sales teams can recall such interactions through call logs.

The Pricing Plan

No free plan No free plan
Starts at $10 per user per month $69 per user per month
Unlimited Apps from CloudApper marketplace Not applicable

Which App Should You Choose?

SalesQ and Skynamo are both field sales apps that can help you manage the way sales teams report. SalesQ however, is highly affordable, and the app has been custom-built for mobile, which allows it to use geo-fencing to ensure reps are making authentic visits.

SalesQ is highly affordable and integrates with ERPs like OMNI and Sage200. It provides you the ability to create product catalogs by scanning barcodes and starts from the affordable price of $10 per user per month. It also gives you the liberty of trying out any app from the CloudApper marketplace free of cost. Sign up now to enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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