Shaking Up Your Sales Process


Now more than ever is the perfect time to shake up your sales process. Make the necessary adjustments and changes now that will improve your sales performance and help you efficiently and effectively cope during these uncertain times of the pandemic. During times of crisis, it is common for those in authority to be more and more receptive to change. It is a time where sales managers and sales leaders are called on to persevere and call on all sales personnel to come together and address challenges as a united front. With that being said, it is important to be extremely careful and certain when making changes, and determining which aspects of your sales process should remain as is.

Steps to Shaking Up Your Sales Process

When wanting to shake up your sales process, there are four key aspects that you need to consider. These aspects are your sales process, your sales force, your sales success profile, and your incentives. Additionally, it is extremely important to make use of good, solid sales tracking software.

First, as with the pandemic, most sales processes have moved towards virtual presentations, it is important to rethink your sales process. You need to ensure that your sales reps are well informed when it comes to digital marketing and that your clients are able to follow straightforward and simple steps when it comes to using/purchasing your product.

Second, you need to restructure your sales force, which unfortunately means that you will need to downsize. In most instances, however, downsizing the field sales force leads to the upsizing of opportunities. Upsizing of opportunities would create advantages for your company against your competitors when they are weakened by the pandemic.

Third, it is important to change your sales success profile. This means that your sales managers as well as all of your field sales reps need to develop new capabilities such as digital fluency and emphasized adaptability.

Finally, you need to revise your incentives. By establishing new incentives you are able to address any unresolved issues that were present before the redesigning of your incentives. This process will also allow you to adjust certain aspects of your sales process such as matching pay to value, rethinking your sales plan, and realigning sales metrics with your strategy.

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Sales Tracking Software to Help Shake Up Your Sales Process

Making use of excellent sales tracking software such as SalesQ is the exact boost you need to shake up your sales. SalesQ sales tracking software provides you with clear visibility into all sales operations and ensures that you are able to monitor and manage all sales activities, even from a distance, allowing you to work on the go. With the indispensable features such as customer management, sales force management, and task management that this cloud-based software offers, you are able to easily shake up your sales processes! For more information, please visit the CloudApper contact page.

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