Top Features of a Field Sales Monitoring App

Before you opt to buy a field sales monitoring app, you should consider the predominant features of the software before diving in.

The features should be such that they can enhance your sales revenue through field sales management. Getting the right kind of tools can help to improve sales team productivity and accountability to further achieve the objectives of the business.

A more advanced sales tracking apps with adequate sales metric analysis can be used to monitor your reps to make sure that they are working to achieve their assigned targets. For instance, CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales app that can be easily customized to replace the more archaic system of using pen and paper in the field sales process.

Top Field Sales Monitoring App Features

The features of a functional field sales management app must be dynamic enough to help both the managers and the sales reps of a business. The goal is to achieve the following:

Customer Profile Management

Field sales become much difficult when there is little to no information about the customers. To sell efficiently on the field, you need details such as a customer’s order history, the target to be achieved against customer accounts, etc. Managers must 

create a lengthy list of customers as well as previous activities with the customers such as the visit and task history via a sales tracking app. This is one way to empower your sales reps to know how to best approach your customers and yield positive results. SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can be used to hold comprehensive lists of customers with order histories and feedback that can enhance the sales performance of sales teams.

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Managing Deal Stage

The functionality of a sales management app is not only targeted towards the end game but it can also be used to monitor the stage of the buyer journey in which a customer is currently. Sales management apps can effectively provide periodic 

data that will help managers to know how the sales process is going. Adequate care must be taken to monitor a buyer’s journey, particularly through the customer funnel to enhance the conversion rate of sales reps thus yielding more profits for the business.

Interactive Dashboard

An end to end system must be installed as a feature of the sales tracking app so that both managers and sales reps can be able to evaluate the status and stage of order completion, likewise the attainment of tasks by the reps. Either side can track the progress of the sales process and challenges can be overcome as they 

appeared to better ensure that work is done more efficiently. SalesQ’s robust dashboard offers a broad display of sales data that can be leveraged to monitor the progress of reps in field sales.

Data analytics

Efficient monitoring of field sales forces can be carried out by access to the data captured through their phones. A standard field sales management app can be used to analyze sales metrics to better understand potential facts that can be used

 to develop working strategies for sales operations. The app will also display metrics such as the details of top paying customers and the rate of target completion to help generate more conversions.

Data analytics

Smartphones have provided a more mobile system of reporting field sales activity. In the past, sales reps often issue reports via spreadsheets through laptops and PCs but times have truly changed. Using sales tracking apps on mobile phones can provide 

sales reps with the flexibility, ease and technology that will make their work much easier and faster. SalesQ is advantageous to both the manager or reps through their phones thus providing a platform that enhances the selling process.

Final Thoughts

Using the right field sale monitoring apps can make the sales process a great joy by analysis of metrics and sales reps monitoring to enhance profitability. The sales process for your business will be much easier if you adopt the use of a field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ. Try out the app in a 14-day free trial, sign up now.

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