Using a Field Sales Monitoring App For Proper Sales Team Management

It is undeniable that sales teams often slack off when it comes to consistency in closing important deals with prospects. Managers should be intentional about providing adequate support in form of accessibility to the right tools which help them showcase their capabilities.

Having control over a proper sales team management with the right strategies or tools can contribute massively towards achieving business goals.

Before hiring sales reps, you need to consider their sales skills. Discovering their level of proficiency can help you to determine the right training system and tools that can assist in amplifying their skill levels to achieve even greater results.

CloudApper SalesQ is one such relevant tool that can be used in field sales monitoring to improve the performance of sales teams, you can use it to track targets and gain vivid analytics on sales performance.

How Sales Team Management Can Help Increase Sales

Now, let us consider the areas where competency can be built to enhance the efficiency of growth reps:

Leading Through Targets

It must be made glaring to sales reps that they are to chase targets and that’s not just anybody but the right prospects. The buck falls on the managers who should take time to thoroughly track targets and keep the reps on their toes to ensure that they perform at an optimal rate and achieve the goals of the company.

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With SalesQ, it becomes relatively easy to achieve targets by providing reports on target completion that will motivate the sales reps to perform better and convert more prospects. It allows the manager to have more hands-on involvement in ensuring the success of the sales process.

Effective Communication

People involved in the sales process are required to have good communication skills that will ensure that they stay aligned with the objectives set by the managers and they have a good relationship with the customers as well.

Communication can become more effective when the right technology is applied and used to enhance clear communication of the goals of the company. It is also enhanced by the ease of access to customer profiles that will help the salespeople to better advertise to leads. It improves management by providing options to view instructions in real-time through the phones of the reps.

Product Knowledge

It is ridiculous how much people do not understand the importance of sales reps knowledge of the product they are to sell. Product knowledge should not be trivialized as all units of the sales team should be familiar with the product they are selling.

As you’d expect, clients will quiz sales reps about the product to ascertain whether it meets their needs. The sales rep’s understanding of the product will help him or her better pitch the product to the customer in a bid to convert the client and generate revenue.

It is the one ticket to convincing a client to part with their money. SalesQ provides an interface containing a product catalogue where products can be added along with important information about the products.

Research Capability

Sales teams should include personnel who are skilled in research and seeking out prospects, products, and understanding the peculiarities of the market in which they are to sell the products.

This way, they can distinguish and sort out target customers to improve sales. With enough data obtained from sales analytics, managers can find assistance in terms of provision of adequate insight into sales management.

Familiarity with Systems

Sales reps must be taught to use established systems operations adopted by their organization in data entry. The use of paper and pen to write reports has made it difficult for most reps to report back to the office after a field sales day.

SalesQ remedies this by allowing easy reporting through the phones of sales reps in a bid to allow proper sales management.


Managers should hire sales teams based on inherent skills or competencies but they should also try to build these skills to make them much better through efficient sales team management methods. The result is multiple surges in business profits enhanced by the high performance from reps.

A field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ is readily accessible to increase the profits of your business when you monitor your sales reps. You can sign up now to enjoy some of its cool features today when you try out the 14-day free trial.

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