What Kind of Sales Force Metrics Should be Tracked?

What Kind of Sales Force Metrics Should be Tracked?

Certain metrics tracking are vital to measuring the success of the overall operation of a sales force and should be meticulously tracked. It is extremely important to assess whether targets are being met and orders are getting delivered on time. If done right, the sales management process will be smooth and ensure higher efficiency and ROI for a company.

A few metrics are important enough to be tracked for the success of a sales force:

Sales Revenue

Organizational targets for sales goals can be measured by determining the accumulated dollar value of all goods sold in a given period. This will help determine whether a standard target is being met. This value can also be based on terms of units sold.

Sales By Region

Tracking the local or geographical success of your sales teams will help you focus on certain areas to generate more sales and rake in higher profits.

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Average Purchase Value

This is a metric that can be tracked by combining the prices of all goods sold in a period and dividing them by units. The goal here is to always improve the performance from the last period.


The time it takes for a lead to be bought in and then close is an important metric that demonstrates how fast your team can close and its effectiveness in making sales.

Lead Conversion Rate

The quality of service provided which generates positive word of mouth and ultimately helps existing leads close faster is another important metric. It is vital in gaining quick business profitability by closing leads fast.

Businesses should manage their sales force effectively if they are to meet desired goals at a faster rate. Implementing a sales force management app will help manage essential metrics for smoother operation of the sales force and overall business efficiency.


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