What is Sales Monitoring?

Sales performance improvement is a key goal of any company in the quest for closing more deals and earning more revenue. This can keep you a few steps ahead of the competition. But what is sales monitoring, and how can it help improve sales performance to achieve company objectives and provide managers with greater control over sales teams?

A sales force monitoring system can help you keep track of the activities of your sales force, which is an essential part of revenue generation for your company. Field sales monitoring apps like CloudApper SalesQ can help you monitor your sales force for better performance and increased accountability.

How Can a Sales Monitoring App Help Increase Revenue?

Sales monitoring can help you streamline sales operations and assist you in generating increased profits:


Sales automation can ease the burden on sales reps and facilitate their supervision through managing reports and tasks. Using an app like SalesQ can enable the sales team to report from the field via their mobile devices. This increases the mobility of the sales team and allows managers to monitor the progress of the sales force in real-time for better management.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is an important part of sales monitoring, displaying relevant metrics and latent trends that can help when making essential selling decisions and forecasts. Top customers and sales target achievement are two of the aspects that should be monitored by a robust sales management app for better sales force monitoring.

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Remote Monitoring

SalesQ provides you greater insight into field sales activities via live reports submitted by sales reps from their mobile devices. Geo-fencing also allows you to authenticate sales rep check-ins, ensuring that reps are checking in from the area to which they have been assigned. This increases the efficiency of the sales team, allowing you to have eyes on the field for remote monitoring.

Real-Time Notifications

SalesQ allows you to set notifications to alert you when specific tasks have been completed, or goals have been achieved. This allows you to evaluate results or to assign reps new tasks depending on availability. This feature allows you to measure the time taken to reach certain targets and evaluate rep effectiveness.

Strategic Communication

This feature allows you to send sales directions to reps in the field, so you can reap the benefits of sales monitoring. Nudging reps to attain targets can improve performance by showing them that their tasks are being managed and that goal attainment is essential. Training can also be shared in this manner, improving sales operations.


The benefits of sales monitoring can be unlocked easily by taking advantage of a field sales monitoring app like SalesQ. It assists you in aligning reps and increasing revenue through a well-monitored and streamlined selling approach. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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