SalesQ Software for Banking, Financial & Insurance
Services Sales Agent Monitoring

Banking, Financial & Insurance Services employ agents who sell financial instruments and require supervision by a robust sales force monitoring app. CloudApperSalesQ enables monitoring of Banking, Financial & Insurance Services Sales Reps and helps increase sales productivity bytracking leads and sales visits.
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Know Where Sales Agents Are

CloudApper SalesQ allows you to monitor your banking, financial & insurance services sales agents to track location data, and help increase sales rep accountability and productivity.

Know What Sales Reps Are Doing

SalesQ enables real-time task assignment and visit log tracking of your banking, financial, and insurance services sales reps. There are notifications and alertsfor task progress.

Improve Sales Force Performance

SalesQ helps track how products are performing. Sales operations can be adjusted accordingly, and financial & insurance services sales reps can be trained for better performance.

CloudApper’s SalesQ, is a highly customizable app for the Banking, Financial & Insurance industry that can manage your sales operations processes, using it only requires minimal training

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Increase Accountability

Take advantage of SalesQ’s Geo-fencing capability to ensure bank, financial & insurance services sales agents are visiting the right place, at the right time, to ensure essential deals go through successfully.


Provide Strategic Guidance

Bank, financial & insurance services sales reps work mostly from the field, while their managers are at the office. That is why SalesQ allows managers to share strategic guidance via multimedia messages to the entire team anytime they want.

Go Paperless

Financial & insurance services sales agents can enter data from their phones on SalesQ that can be viewed by all parties involved in a central hub. This eliminates paperwork and data redundancy along with loss of important client information.


Real Time Information Access

The dollar amount of loans disbursed per rep can be tracked through SalesQ. Reps can also log data on individual customers. Take advantage of these features to analyze loan due dates, assess risks, and make strategic decisions on dealing with clients.

Easily take control of your sales force and pipeline management process to convert more leads with sales metrics tracking, reports analysis and insights from SalesQ.

Features of

Banking, Financial & Insurance Services
Sales Force Monitoring Software


Salesforce Management

Manage your field sales reps from the SalesQ field sales monitoring app by geographic location, tasks, customers, and/or sales trends to achieve the best possible results.

Customer Management

Enable sales reps to quickly access important account information while in the field. Supervisors can also plan the schedule of field sales reps according to their business needs.


Sales Visit History

SalesQ enables decision-makers to track the sales visit history of their sales reps. This field sales tracking app encourages reps to increase sales visits and maximize their daily effort.

Task Management

Never let any task be overlooked. SalesQ provides an integrated task management system that notifies users about action items and tracks the progress being made.


Sales Order History

Sales trends can have a big impact on business decisions. Using this module, supervisors can easily analyze trends and distribute tasks accordingly to their teams.

Robust Reporting

Build robust reports on sales rep movements, sales orders, sales visits, market feedback, and many other data elements to ensure maximum sales area coverage.

Product Management

When meeting with a prospect or customer, timely information can make or break a sale. This module provides users with instant access to critical product info and updates.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. SalesQ app is a cloud-based solution that reduces your dependency on IT human resources and hardware investment.

Increase transparency and take the guesswork out of banking, financial & insurance services sales agents’ duties with SalesQ.

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