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Augmenting UKG software with CloudApper – Adding attestations to employee time clocks


There have been time clocks for employees for many years. Although initially only utilized by major industrial and construction companies, employee time clocks are now used by almost all companies. The usage of employee time clocks is relatively simple. For example, each time a person reports to work, they must “punch in” using the proper procedure, such as an ID card, pin code, QR code, or any other technique the company utilizes. It’s so simple to “punch out” after an employee’s shift is done; they follow the same procedure.

However, not all companies have the same specifications for employee time clocks. Some companies require special support for specific workflows, such as task monitoring and the use of biometrics for punches and other authentications. What if we told you that UKG software solutions make all of that possible? Solutions from the CloudApper Community for UKG augments – enhancing the functionality of your existing UKG software.

CloudApper Community for UKG in a nutshell

Your UKG solutions benefit greatly from the CloudApper Community for UKG! The CloudApper AI platform allows users to track job time, provide completely customized reports, record employee time using biometrics, and schedule employee tasks, among other things. We recently received a request for attestation from a casino. Let’s look at what the company requested and what the CloudApper community can do for UKG.

The casino desired to increase the capability of its existing software system and to include attestation for a specific, delicate task. It requested a feature that would allow users to ask questions about specific employees’ punch-in and punch-out times.

First and foremost, the questions would remind the staff members of their responsibilities. Second, it will be useful to document the employee’s responses to the circumstance so that they may later review the records if a discrepancy occurs.

Can CloudApper Community for UKG add attestations to employee time clocks? 

Absolutely, yes! The CloudApper community for UKG software may add attestations with ease; it has done so for multiple clients in accordance with their needs. Customers may add questions while clocking in and out, and it is entirely customizable.

For several reasons, attestation is crucial for organizations during employee punch-ins and punch-outs. Compliance with local labor regulations is one of the primary and most prevalent reasons. In addition, attestations can assist in preventing penalties for employers who fail to provide employees with adequate break time. Attestations offer verifiable evidence of whether the employee in question took a break and why they did not. Consequently, the company will be aware of any excuses employees can use to avoid paying the lunch penalty even if they aren’t taking a break.

CloudApper community for UKG augments your existing solutions

There are several features available in the CloudApper community that enhance UKG software. In addition to assisting with attestations, CloudApper can also aid with geofencing, sending customized notifications, scheduling employee tasks, generating reports, and much more.

To find out how the CloudApper community for UKG may assist you in meeting your workforce management needs, contact us now.


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