UKG Task Management Tool to Forecast, Assign, and Track Workforce Efficiently


Task tracking is a simple way of tracking and calculating the exact amount of time employees work on specific tasks. UKG Dimensions aims to provide an advanced tool to forecast, assign, and track work more efficiently. This helps companies estimate how long each task should take and what areas their team needs to improve. Managers simply input the tasks and assign the work to the right person with the required skills.

Why Task Tracking Is Important

Companies need more visibility into their employees’ tasks in real time. When and what is being worked on? Which tasks are scheduled? What are the key objectives? With a comprehensive picture of the status of assignments, corporate and field managers can effectively analyze the impact of week-to-week work scheduling. Traditionally, companies use the wall-mounted time clock provided by their workforce management system in common locations, like the entryway or break room, to clock in and out. Installing these wall-mounted clocks in multiple areas within the facility can be a very expensive way of tracking a job since their prices are quite high. Meanwhile, with the task management tool, ensure your people complete what’s important on time and make decisions that result in engaged employees and higher customer satisfaction.

Customize UKG Task Management With The CloudApper App Community

CloudApper aims to enhance the UKG user experience with a customizable CloudApper solution. The CloudApper AI platform makes it easy to create and share custom components, applications, and data exchange connectors for UKG solutions with a code-free designer and powerful features. With an easy drag-and-drop editor, any UKG user can easily create custom web and mobile applications without any programming knowledge. Users can also add the geofencing feature in the UKG Task Management tool, which can create a virtual geographic border around site locations to enforce user actions within the app. CloudApper’s robust workflow engine automates the processes and simplifies data integration to streamline operations.

Why Choose The CloudApper App Community?

With the CloudApper AI platform, anyone can create feature-rich web and mobile solutions without any coding knowledge. Users will harness the experience and innovation across the UKG customer community! The pre-developed API connectors for UKG solutions remove the burden of complex and time-consuming integration processes. Users can even build new connectors on the fly with the CloudApper  REST API editor. CloudApper is an affordable option to track employees’ tasks easily. CloudApper’s dedicated team of solution engineers is always available to help users facing problems. You can do much more with the CloudApper app community platform. Sign up today, and schedule a meeting with one of our solution engineers to see what’s possible!

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