Top 12 Industries Where a CMMS Software is a Must


What comes to your mind when you hear about CMMS software? We often associate CMMS software with the manufacturing industry, whereas CMMS software is widely needed software that can benefit most industries other than the manufacturing industry. When it comes to maintenance, CMMS is the only software that can make the task simple and efficient and error-free. Here is how different industries can benefit most from the CMMS software. 

1. Retail Industry 

The retail business faces consistent pressure for positive customer experience. A single flaw in the service can lead to a huge loss in the business. Customer happiness is the focal point for any retail business. A single flaw in customer interaction and experience can bring massive losses for the business. So, every retail business needs to maintain a certain standard to keep pace with the high expectation of the customer. Using a paper-based conventional method makes things more complex for the industry; eventually, the manual system becomes costly for the industry instead of bringing any benefit for the industry. CMMS software automates the process, keep track of every task and bring following benefits for the industry

  • Save costs by running regular preventive maintenance that increases the longevity of the machine and equipment of the retail store. Using CMMS software, retail managers can create work orders, schedule maintenance tasks, and maintenance workers get a timely notification so that they never miss any scheduled task.
  • Using CMMS software, retail managers can schedule maintenance work more efficiently that reduces the labor cost. Proper scheduling reduces all kinds of confusion and makes tasks more visible and transparent and easily traceable.
  • Using a robust maintenance management software retail manager can monitor multiple retail stores from a central location; even some CMMS software like Simple CMMS allows remote access, which makes maintenance management for the retail more efficient, comfortable, and simple.

2. Construction Industry

Timely delivery, flawless equipment, employee overtime are some of the challenges construction businesses have to meet every day. Using a manual process of maintenance is not perfect for meeting those challenges. Spare parts and equipment spread across the construction location, multiple construction sites make it more complex when it comes to maintaining them from a central location; moreover, the cost associated with the construction equipment can not be traced properly while using a paper-based system. CMMS software can help construction businesses meet those challenges. Using such software construction business can 

  • Track all the equipment properly and efficiently 
  • Schedule maintenance work 
  • Send notification so that no maintenance work remains undone 
  • Optimize construction equipment usage 
  • Provide equipment usage data and the historic data for effective and informed decision making 
  • Using CMMS construction business manager can monitor all multiple site performance from a central location. 
  • CMMS provides valuable reports and insight that help in decision making. 

 3. School and University

Schools and universities deal with many equipment and valuable resources that need proper maintenance. Think about a science lab that deals with scientific equipment, whereas a computer lab consists of several computers. Moreover, for smooth operation, proper maintenance is a must. Using a manual system can be tiring and unable to track all the equipment that might be located in different locations. A computerized system is a must. Using such a system school and universities can 

  • Manage all the school equipment and facilities from a central location 
  • Using the mobile version of CMMS software helps them to report immediately for proper maintenance of the security and the environment 
  • Tracking equipment and facility cost establish transparency in facility management. 
  • Healthcare Industry 

4. Manufacturing Industry

Sudden shutdown, increase operation cost, loss of productivity, loss of productive hours, loss of production are some of the biggest challenges of manufacturing business. Using a manual process not only complicates the task but also increases the risk of sudden breakdown of the machine and equipment. CMMS software help manufacturing businesses in

  • Creating work order by an easy process 
  • Send immediate notification and alert for smooth maintenance management 
  • Schedule work order 
  • Monitoring multiple sites from a central location 
  • Report real-time using the mobile version of the CMMS software

 5. Federal State and Local 

Federal state and local governments need to be flawless and smooth in terms of maintenance management. Besides, they have to deal with a huge amount of facilities and equipment. Using a paper-based method creates complexity and piles of paperwork. Moreover, it creates ambiguous and manipulative costs, inaccurate data management, and time-consuming. Using CMMS software Federal state and local government can

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  • Can create a work order 
  • Act immediately to the emergency through the alert system from the software 
  • Run maintenance task smoothly and flawlessly with the reminder system of the software 
  • Monitor all the maintenance task from a central location 
  • Remotely access all the maintenance issues and data  
  • Track multiple departments and location easily and efficiently  
  • Get valuable insights and reports on maintenance management that help informed decision making 

6. Energy Plant 

Energy plans such as power plants and oil plants deal with heavy equipment and assets. The main challenge in this industry is to ensure the longevity of the asset for a profitable business. Manual maintenance work cannot be flawless; manual processes are prone to human error that can bring massive loss for the business. Using CMMS maintenance management software ensures the seamless operation of the equipment and the assets. Using such robust software energy plant can 

  • Maximize their productivity 
  • Manage work order effortlessly 
  • Schedule work orders on time and can check back the result 
  • Can send automated reminders to the maintenance work so that they never miss the maintenance 
  • Get insights and reports on equipment and asset maintenance that helps informed decision making. 
  • Track maintenance of the large plant from a central location 
  • Report issues immediately using the mobile version of CMMS

7. Property Management 

Preserving the property value is the main challenge in the property management industry. So maintenance work is inevitable in this sector. A business firm has to manage multiple properties located in multiple locations. The manual maintenance process can not establish a seamless monitoring process. It requires extra energy, wastes time, and creates unnecessary hassle. Using a CMMS software makes maintenance effortless and efficient. CMMS software helps them in the following ways

  • Monitor maintenance from a central location 
  • Create work order from a remote location 
  • Schedule work order and assign maintenance worker from a remote location 
  • Send notification for preventive maintenance 
  • Maintenance worker can send photos and issues, and the facility manager can receive them without visiting the site
  • The facility manager can respond to emergency cases. 
  • Provide insights and accurate data that helps in decision making.

8. Cable and Telecommunication Industry 

Manual maintenance is nearly impossible for this industry. Mostly the cables and wire covered by the different environmental issues like trees and its branches. Monitoring all this equipment, no doubt, is time-consuming and difficult. On the other hand, without proper maintenance, sudden breakdown can cost the service and the reputation of the business. This is where CMMS software helps and simplified maintenance management. Using the CMMS maintenance software industry can get the following benefits. 

  • Record all the equipment detail in the software that reduces the burden of paperwork 
  • Get all the record from a centralized location without any hassle 
  • Can monitor from the central location
  • Send reminder notification to the maintenance worker for a seamless maintenance 
  • Can get insights and reports that can be used for informed decision making.

9. IT Industry 

Computers, electronic equipment, machines are the main component of the IT industry. These long term assets need to perform seamlessly for the desired output. Regular maintenance is a must because an interruption can cause workflow breakdown and loss to productivity. The benefits they get from the CMMS software are

  • They can track the health of the assets and equipment 
  • Create work order and schedule maintenance task 
  • Create issues immediately and perform instant action for a faster solution 
  • Check records and insight that help informed decision making 
  • Monitor all the maintenance work from a central location take action accordingly.

10. Airports

Airports usually cover a huge area. Using a manual process for maintenance can be tiresome and time-consuming, moreover, for a seamless service in the airport manual process cannot ensure an immediate response. This can affect the security and service level of the overall airport. CMMS software automates the maintenance process and brings so many benefits that the manual process can not ensure. The benefits Airports can get from the CMMS software are

  • Using CMMS tracking equipment such as HVAC, conveyer belt can be tracked easily 
  • Airport authority can report issues immediately using the mobile CMMS software and can take immediate action 
  • Create a work order for preventive maintenance 
  • Sends reminder notification for schedule maintenance so that workers never miss the task 
  • Get a report on task completion 
  • Can monitor all the maintenance work from a central location 
  • Can get remote access to the maintenance data that makes maintenance management more simple 
  • Proving schedule maintenance and preventive maintenance ensure optimum asset performance and reduce operation cost

11. Municipal Organization 

Halt in the municipalities’ service can cause civil unrest or even riots. So, the maintenance of water pipes, sewerage needs to be up to the mark. The conventional paper-based maintenance management wastes time, and effort. Moreover, paper creates an unnecessary burden and complexity in the maintenance task. CMMS software makes maintenance work simple and efficient. Using such software municipalities 

  • Track all the maintenance issues from a central location 
  • Monitor all the maintenance task from a central location 
  • Can report issues from a remote location 
  • Can send a reminder notification to the maintenance worker for the scheduled maintenance 
  • Preventive maintenance ensures the longevity of the municipalities asset 
  • Can receive all insights and reports that help informed decision making on equipment and assets 
  • Maintenance task become effective and efficient since the whole system become digitized that reduces the burden of lengthy paperwork 
  • CMMS maintenance software simplified the maintenance management of municipalities

12. Sports Stadium

The stadium covers a big area with lots of equipment. Tracking each of the equipment for routine maintenance is time-consuming. A computerized system makes it effortless and simple. The benefits Stadium facility manager gets from the CMMS software are  

  • Using a CMMS software maintenance manager can track all the equipment effortlessly without any hassle 
  • Using CMMS Stadium maintenance manager can get updated maintenance information of the equipment on which they can decide easily which equipment needs maintenance 
  • Can easily create work orders and schedule maintenance  
  • Can send a reminder notification to the maintenance work so that they never miss the maintenance work 
  • Using the mobile version of the CMMS software maintenance manager can report issues immediately, and the manager can act immediately since the software send them an immediate notification
  • Can monitor all the maintenance work from a central location 
  • CMMS software provides reports and insight that help to make valuable decisions. 

Manual maintenance management makes the task complex and time-consuming. Those days are gone where you have to go through piles of paperwork for single maintenance. CMMS maintenance software is a cutting-edge solution for such a problem. It simplified maintenance management. As you can see, almost every industry needs it, from the service industry to manufacturing, government to school, and universities everyone needs this software. Because without CMMS software, the seamless delivery of the service and product is nearly impossible.

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